Whale watching and weather

Whale watching and the weather

In southern Tenerife, whale watching and weather always go together. Like many other outdoor activities, the tour can be affected according to weather conditions. A comfortable and of quality whale watching excursion always goes along with previous meteorological analysis.

Whale watching and Weather in Tenerife

Whale watching and weather
the weather can affect the tour

In general, southern Tenerife holds relatively stable temperatures and sea conditions throughout the year. Temperatures range between 12 and 35 degrees Celsius and the island is usually surrounded by trade winds from the north. We have a wind shadow in the south which protects us from these strong winds. The highest peaks are usually recorded during the winter, December and January being the months with the strongest winds.

It is not uncommon for us to be forced to postpone or cancel a tour due to weather conditions. The quality of the tour is proportional to the state of the sea. The quieter the sea, the better the observation; especially when it comes to Short Finned Pilot Whales, which usually rest on the surface for longer periods when the waters are calm. On the contrary, when the sea is rough, the Pilot Whales usually move faster and involuntarily hide behind the waves while surfing them, thus affecting the quality of the tour.


Whale watching and weatherDo not leave the whale watching tour for the last day of your vacation. If you book your experience at the beginning, you can have some flexibility to change the date in case the weather conditions do not allow the departure on the initially planned day.

Be aware that the sea is usually quieter in the morning. The 9 am tour is usually better than the 12 am tour in meteorological terms. However, sometimes there are exceptions to this rule, so we also recommend contacting us in case of doubt.

Use weather apps and websites such as Windy, Wind Finder or Wind Guru. They are very intuitive and helpful to choose the best date with the best conditions. Keep in mind that the farther the date is, the less accurate the weather forecast could be.

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