Our passion for the sea and marine species unites us in this great project

Misael Morales Vargas

Director / Marine Biologist / Captain

I am a marine biologist and have had a close connection with the sea since I was a child. I have traveled the world for many years exploring the oceans. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in marine biology in Margarita, Venezuela (2007) and master’s in marine Biological Sciences in Brest, France (2010). From very early in my career, cetaceans became my passion. I am also a certified diving instructor and the one who operates the boat. Spanish is my native language, and I am fluent in English, French and Italian. I also understand and speak some German. I founded Biosean because I want to promote the conservation of the oceans and make people aware of its importance through science: Combining a whale watching tourist operation with a field study.


Daniela D’Andrea

Administration & Logistics

My name is Daniela and for a long time I felt my home was the world. I was born in Italy but grew up in Germany. After graduating in linguistic and cultural studies, I worked for many years as a flight attendant and traveled around the globe. Since 2017, Tenerife (together with my husband Misael and our small family) has become my home and with Biosean I have found a new gratifying occupation; where tourism meets science and people who care about the well-being of these beautiful marine mammals and the protection of their habitat.
I am responsible for the front and back office: I take care of the administrative work, all reservations, inquiries, logistics and organization. Please don’t hesitate to contact me! I speak fluent German, Spanish, English and Italian.


Our boat

We have an 8 meters rigid inflatable boat (RIB) and a 225 HP outboard engine. With capacity for 10 passengers. It is adapted and equipped with everything necessary for field work and research, and thus identified by the Ministry of Tourism of Tenerife with the “Blue Boat” flag


Agreements with universities

We have been in exchange with various universities since our beginnings. We have now signed agreements with numerous universities in countries such as Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and the United States to exchange data and students as part of our internship program.

PROMAR Network of the Canary Islands Government

This is a citizen science project whose objective is to know the long-term changes that occur in resident and migratory species. Through the mobile app, we register in situ observations, photos and coordinates (GPS or UTM) of our sightings

Tonina Association

We carry out photo identification of the species we see. We exchange information and photographs of our sightings that contribute to the database and catalogs of the association.

Internship Program

If you are passionate about nature, marine biology, and conservation, this is your place. Our doors are always open to receive interns and/or students who wish to develop their research projects, gain professional experience, or simply learn. Contact us

Monitoring program of cetaceans and sea turtles in the south of Tenerife

Since our inception in April 2019, we have carried out constant monitoring of cetaceans and sea turtles. The program consists of taking advantage of tourist outings to watch cetaceans, to collect biological and ecological data, useful for the investigation of the species we observe.

With this data, the objective is to generate knowledge that allows us to protect biodiversity and propose efficient management measures to preserve our marine ecosystems.

Our constantly growing database has allowed us to generate numerous degree and master’s projects, research projects, presentations at conferences and cooperations with universities. The complete list here.