Reading in Covid-19 Times

Reading in Covid-19 Times

During the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, we have not been going out on the water in compliance with Spanish lockdown regulations and for the safety of our team members and island residents. In addition to our data analysis work, we have stayed busy with a couple of fun on-shore activities like reading in Covid-19 times. We would like to share with you some of our land-based activities!

Our Recommendations and Reading in Covid-19 Times

It is so important for any scientist to keep up to date with recent publications in their field. We have been taking advantage of this time to read more about what has been happening in the field of marine mammalogy, so If you’d like to read with us, we recommend checking out the following scientific and peer-reviewed journals: Marine Mammal Science, Journal of Mammalogy, Animal Behaviour, and Aquatic Mammals.

In the spirit of reading more scientific papers, we are so proud to announce that we will be hosting a SCIENTIFIC READING CHALLENGE for the next 10 weeks! Every week, we will choose a different scientific paper to read, highlighting different marine science topics. We invite you to read the paper with us and follow along with us on social media as we explore different aspects of marine science. To follow along with us, simply show us your interest by clicking here and filling up the contact form, or simply send us an email to You will receive a PDF version of our selected paper every week, for a total of 10 weeks. We look forward to reading with you!

Cultural lives of whales and dolphinsBecause we have also been reading some wonderful books! Our research associate, Emma, highly recommends The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins by Hal Whitehead and Luke Rendell. This book explores the different cultures in whale and dolphin societies and highlights some wonderful scientific studies to argue that culture exists in other animal species outside of the hominids. Feel free to check it out!

For those readers more interested in data analysis and biostatistics, our director, Misael, recommends checking out Hal Whitehead’s book 

Analyzing animal societies

Analyzing Animal Societies. This book highlights statistical techniques to navigate data and find

out more about the sociality of animals. And for those looking for a field guide to cetaceans, Mark Cawardine has published a new Handbook of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of the World just this year. His work and other published field guides have been instrumental in the field of marine mammalogy. Check it out!

Whales dolphins and porpoises of the world

Continuing Onwards

Now that the Spanish government has eased certain restrictions and BIOSEAN is very excited to announce that we are back on the water! by strictly adhering to all regulations to maintain safety for our guests and team members, sanitizing all of our surfaces, wearing protective masks, and limiting the number of passengers onboard the boat.

We are looking forward to seeing you onboard soon! In the meantime we hope that everyone is staying busy, safe, and healthy during this crisis. Much love from Tenerife!

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