Internationally Certified Whale Watching in Tenerife

Internationally Certified Whale Watching in Tenerife

We at BIOSEAN are so proud to be Internationally Certified Whale Watching in Tenerife. Announcing that we have received our certification for responsible whale watching by the World Cetacean Alliance, the only international label for whale watching organizations!

World Cetacean Alliance Certification

Biosean WCA responsible whale watching certificationThe WCA is the only international organization that sets global standards for the whale watching industry. Our certification from the WCA sets us apart from others in this industry because it shows we go the extra mile to protect our cetaceans. This label is only awarded to those whale watching organizations that “operate to the highest standards of care for local wildlife, sustainability, and customer experience.” We are honored to be recognized by the WCA for our commitment to marine life!


Biosean whale watching and marine science in TenerifeAt BIOSEAN, we strive to create a wonderful whale watching experience, not only for our guests but for our cetacean partners. We work hard every day to hold ourselves to the highest standard of care for marine life, sustainability, and customer experience. And now we have been internationally recognized for our efforts! Here’s to our continued commitment to the environment and its creatures.

Responsible. Sustainable. BIOSEAN.

Biosean whale watching in TenerifeOur commitment to our marine life extends from the sea all the way to land. While out on the ocean we strictly adhere to guidelines set forth by the WCA and the Spanish government to protect our wildlife by not approaching within 100m, operating safely, and always approaching from a non-threatening angle. We also collect important data on the local fauna for use in research projects. Our pilot whale fin ID’s are even sent to local organizations to support identification catalogs.


WCA guidelines

Ocean Clean up by biosean in TenerifeOn every trip, we also clean the ocean by picking up plastic and leaving the sea happier. On land, our research projects are examining the population dynamics of short-finned pilot whales, our most commonly sighted species, to help conservation groups create accurate management guidelines to protect the species from human industry.

Further, we seek to educate the public on how they can make a positive difference in ocean health, such as shopping locally, reducing the need for overseas shipping, limiting their plastic consumption, and reducing their consumption of irresponsible seafood.

Come join our internationally recognized team on the water for an amazing and sustainable experience. Find out why we are Internationally Certified Whale Watching in Tenerife by checking out our social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We will see you soon!

Biosean whale watching in Tenerife

By: Emma Chereskin (@the_whale_biologist)