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BIOSEAN scientific reading challenge


BIOSEAN is hosting the SCIENTIFIC READING CHALLENGE! Every week, we will be sending out 1 scientific article to read, highlighting our weekly theme. Follow along as we explore different scientific topics, read a little more, and expand our knowledge for the next 10 weeks! If you would like to participate, please DM your email address to this IG account, @biosean_, or click here and fill out a contact form, and we will add you to the mailing list. To kick off the challenge, this coming week’s theme will be BIODIVERSITY, in honor of the International Day for Biological Diversity this Friday, May 22. Over the coming week, we will be exploring what biodiversity is, highlighting the diversity of Tenerife’s marine life, and why biodiversity is so important to global health. We can’t wait to read and learn with you!

BIOSEAN scientific reading challenge, week 1